I am always amazed that I am so amazed at how badly people communicate. I am still surprised when I talk with men and women I know– who are intelligent, educated and successful– that are unable or unwilling to talk about their feelings; to share what they want with their partners; who would rather be isolated and alone rather than dealing with others and their personalities…

I’m not sure if it’s just part and partial to being human, but communication is very challenging. Add cultural, gender, economic, political, racial, and religious/spiritual narratives to the big ball of mixed up communication and you have a lots of long-tailed cats in room full of rocking chairs!

What makes us so fearful to say what we want or need? Why do we allow our fears and traumas from the past to inform our current lives and choices (Will Smith?!).

I have spent nearly 30 years practicing communication and team-building skills. I have learned through education, experience and trial-and-error how to negotiate and talk to others and say it kindly and clearly. Need help or support in practicing meaningful communication that will enrich your work and home life? Let’s talk!

Published by Marlowe J. Weingart

I've been working and growing community at work for nearly 25 years. In fact, I'm an expert at it! By advancing employee engagement in every work community, we fight burnout and turnover. Folks stay, grow collaboratively and become invested in growing the bottom line as a team... and bringing happiness back to work!

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