There is one relationship that no business can neglect: the one with employees.

Are you doing everything you can to ensure employees know how valuable they are to you and your business’ vision?

Let’s grow connection for them and then watch how your team stands for you!

See up to a 40% increase in productivity in 90 days or less; ask me how!

Let’s bring happiness back to work!

How can you show your employees and staff that they are your most important investment? Let’s talk:

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About Me

My Beliefs

Humane Resourcing knows how to help you invest in your most valuable resource; your employees!
By growing your company culture and building amazing teams in the workplace, you immediately invest in growing your bottom line.

Humane Resourcing Consulting is a 100% woman-owned agency in Asheville, North Carolina that specializes in meaningful hands-on professional development. I am a team-training specialist that I provides the resources and knowledge to grow transformational teams!

I excel at helping create communities in the workplace where communication and soft skills build employee buy-in, using my proven techniques and FUN!

I build buy-in by collecting data from all stakeholders, combined with teaching collaborative strategies that are proven to combat burnout and solidify your team’s engagement.

Le’ts work together to build the future and bring happiness back to work!


What People Say

Jason Korreck, Owner and Chief Design Officer at Constructive Learning Design

“Marlowe has a knack for coaching and creating cultures of collaboration amongst teams. She is one of the best relationship builders I have seen, and this stems from a genuine curiosity and care for people from all walks of life. She understands the importance of group dynamics and always seeks to include others and distribute leadership.”

Dr. David Robinson, Principal, Madison County Schools (Marshall, North Carolina)

“Ms. Weingart (is) kind, caring, and professional. She is also honest and fair, exhibiting high moral character and integrity in her dealings with supervisors, peers, community members an students. She is an extremely valued and respected member of our school community.”

Our Services

Hassle-free, sustainable community is just part of the productive team-building skills HRC offers
  • Supporting teams to design creative strategies and build workplace engagement yields long-term dividends. Let me help you help your team and design a blueprint for progress, and the key to unlocking your company’s greatest potential!
Custom Seminars, Trainings or Workshops offer maximum impact and long-term success
  • Impactful and fun seminars create a culture where employees increase their communication skills and are supported in their growth, consequently growing success, and building buy-in. Laughter makes everything lighter!
Burnout and Turnover may STOP when you start with my team-building strategies
  • My Wipeout BurnoutTM process builds long-term preventative processes uniquely suited to your company’s needs, and ensure that the FUN and engagement is built into your company’s culture!

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What are you doing to keep your employees?

Show staff that they are your best investment!

Contact Marlowe Weingart, your Training Specialist, 828-649-5167 or sproutwithmjw@gmail.com