What Kind of Ripple Are You?

Martin Luther King, Jr. gave us an opportunity to practice so many of the best characteristics of being human. His legacy continues today, and provides inspiration globally. I chose this quote by Mother Teresa as an homage to MLK, Jr. I really believe we all leave ripples– the question is, are they playful, supportive ripplesContinue reading “What Kind of Ripple Are You?”

Can Your Work and Retirement Co-exist?

When I was a kid I always thought that retirement sounded a lot like Disney World 24/7. As I grew older, and began to dig in and expand my career path, I sometimes wistfully admired retired folks; it seemed so far away I couldn’t even imagine it. Recently I read an article posted by @KristineContinue reading “Can Your Work and Retirement Co-exist?”

Depolarization vs. Polarization; Let’s Talk About It

I’ve been having conversations to expand #depolarization. I’ve been actively seeking out these conversations because I’m a white woman with a fairly liberal background, living in Western North Carolina, and I  work with clients who often have different views than I around inclusion, equity and politics.  What depolarizing means for me is that instead ofContinue reading “Depolarization vs. Polarization; Let’s Talk About It”