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Hi. My name is Marlowe Jocelyn Weingart. An only child, I was born in the south (Florida), raised in the north (Connecticut), and then ended up in a college in Hickory, North Carolina. I attended Lenoir-Rhyne University on a full scholarship– both academic and athletic, and playing as their number one seed. After college, I tried pursuing tennis as a professional, but found it too lonely and expensive.

I returned to Florida and began work as a marketing and customer relations manager for a non-profit. This position eventually led me into education, where I was the recipient of the Fulbright Teacher Exchange and was nominated as Teacher of the Year seven times. I became a highly qualified teacher, and have certificates in Reading and English as a Second Language. I was fortunate to be able to work with hugely diverse populations, and I experienced the joy of bringing all of their unique frames of reference to the table, and using that knowledge to drive instruction and team building.

I became a managing partner in a holistic center that we grew into a provider of world-class speakers, in under three years. I managed the store and employees, and worked to expand our reach and impact in the area and beyond.

I also began coaching in schools as a district instructional coach and specialized in building teams. After nearly 25 years in education, I realized I was getting burned out, so I began formulating a plan for launching my own business and exploring how to bring my skill set into enterprises, focusing on growing communities in the workplace, and helping companies remember who their most important resource is: their employees.

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This is my story in FIVE minutes! Learn how I got started building exceptional teams!

And here I am today, on a mission to help every team of three or more to build inclusive communities in work that prevent burnout, stop turnover and absenteeism and increase employee engagement and productivity. It’s a beautiful thing– and I am thrilled to be bringing happiness back to work!

Learn why I began building groups as a child, and how that need fuels my work today.

My 5-Minute Autobiography

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With happy, connected employees, you can put your attention back where it belongs– building creativity and productivity, and bringing happiness back to work!

Let me do the work so you don’t have to worry.

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